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In the great lakes of Michigan there are many things you can find in the water; some are good and some, scary. A few of the things that can be found in Michigan’s great lakes are boats, jet skis, floating tubes, plants, fish, but most of all, invasive species. Invasive species are species of organisms that cause harm in environments where they do not belong. Some of the invasive species that live in the Michigan Great Lakes have been taking a toll on the economy and the ecosystem. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are 25 species of invasive fish living in the great lakes, including zebra mussels. The EPA also states that there are 7 different species of invasive plants that are cutting off the food supply for wildlife in the area and promoting erosion.

With all these invasive species being able to infiltrate boats and other water vehicles, it’s important to know how to manage them and keep them in check. The types of fish and plants that are invasive species create a lot of damage for owners of boats, jet skis, and other Personal watercrafts. Damage includes jammed propellers, broken propellers, obstructed water lines, and pump failures (Corke, boatus.com). All these damages are really expensive to manage and keep up. To avoid these damages to a boat or other personal watercrafts, there are a few things that make it easier.

Cleaning the boat regularly is the first easy way to keep invasive species from damaging the boat. If there is mud or plants that have stuck to your boat, they must be removed and cleaned off the surface until it is smooth. Another solution is to make sure there is no remaining water inside the boat. If you would like more information you can visit the EPA website.