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Fall is one of the best seasons to hop in the RV and head out on an adventure! As the summer temperatures slowly start to drop, and fall quickly approaches, it’s time to start looking for the best fall RVing destinations.

Some of the best destinations for RVing during the early fall months (before the late fall chill sets in) are largely located around trying to catch the fall foliage change from vibrant green leaves to eye-catching bright yellow, orange, and red hues.

There are other types of fall destinations where the weather is just starting to break from extreme summer or desert temperatures to more comfortable and cool climates for travel. So, let’s jump into some of our favorite fall RV destinations!

New England

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are all famous for their fall foliage and tourism. There are a multitude of beautiful state parks to camp at, including, of course, Acadia National Park in Maine—a huge draw for RVers and tourists from all over the country.

If you plan an RV trip in this region, you’ll want to check the fall foliage maps to see when you should visit based on peak foliage colors. This fall destination can have a short period of ideal travel time, which can cause it to be very busy and crowded. If you plan this trip too late, you may miss the main tourist attraction, and you may be camping in less than ideal cooler temperatures.


Another very popular state for an RV trip to catch the fall foliage is wild and wonderful Colorado! You could plan an entire season RVing through this state and still feel like there isn’t enough time to see everything.

The Aspen trees changing to their bright yellow coloring is a treasured fall experience in Colorado.  Head up towards the mountains in September to catch a glimpse of this green state quickly turn to a flickering gold color. There are plenty of camping options and so much to do and see before the winter weather sets in. This is typically a great fall RV destination during the month of September and early October.

Mountains with road

Virginia and North Carolina

Two more fantastic fall road trip destinations can be found in these states. Pick your choice of either beautiful Shenandoah National Park or Smoky Mountain National Park, or plan your trip with both national parks on the itinerary and enjoy a route along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. There are countless accessible hikes, viewpoints, camping, and tourist attractions in both of these states to thoroughly enjoy all the beauty fall has to offer.

Man and dog on mountain


The southwest in general is a great fall destination as the summer temperatures finally start to break and are a little more comfortable for RVing and camping, plus summer crowds have begun to dwindle. If you’re looking to plan a fall trip in the southwest, Utah would be a great destination to visit.

With its five national parks within close driving proximity to one another, even if you only have a week or two to visit, you can easily visit two to three different national and state parks in a short trip. Planning an RV trip in this state is easier than most as free or paid camping can be found all over the state, so you’ll have no issue finding great places to bring your RV.

RV driving down dirt road with mountains


California may be an obvious RV destination, but choosing which season to visit this large and diverse state can make a huge difference in your trip experience. The summer temperatures have skyrocketed, which in recent years means there are more wildfires in the warm months.  These high temperatures (this summer Death Valley National Park reached its highest temperature on record at 130 degrees) away from the coastline are less comfortable to visit while camping or RVing in the summer months, which makes fall a great time to plan a visit to some of the national parks along the eastern side of California. There are a handful of fantastic national parks to visit during the fall months, and make for quite an epic road trip!

The bottom line

These are far from the only destinations worth visiting during the fall months, so just try and get out there wherever you can to enjoy the fall weather! Please remember, if you do decide to get out to explore and camp, respect all of the national parks and public lands you visit. Always practice Leave No Trace rules, pack your trash up and take it with you to dispose of properly, and leave your destinations better than you found them. And, most importantly, have fun!

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