March 23, 2022

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20 Things to do in Traffic

In Michigan we have two different seasons on the road: winter and construction. Either it’s snowing and everyone is driving 25 mph or there is construction on every imaginable route home, and you’re stuck in traffic. Being stuck in traffic doesn’t have to be such a bad thing though. There are so many things you can do while stuck in traffic to make the time go by faster. These suggestions are likely to have you start to ENJOY being in traffic. Making a positive out of a negative experience is the best way to approach being stuck in traffic.

  1. Listen to a podcast
  2. Eat some snacks
  3. Put on or fix your makeup
  4. Make funny faces in the mirror
  5. Listen to a new playlist or new type of music
  6. Make a playlist of karaoke songs to practice
  7. Think of solutions to your life problems
  8. Talk to someone on the phone on speaker
  9. Play the drums on your steering wheel
  10. Plan out the rest of your day
  11. Play the alphabet game by finding something starting with each letter
  12. Organize your front seats (clean up time)
  13. Find a comedian that you really like to listen to
  14. Organize your purse or wallet
  15. Listen to an audiobook
  16. Do some breathing exercises
  17. Meditate
  18. Think about your goals and how to achieve them
  19. Look for dogs in other cars
  20. Stretch

These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking about how to make your day better when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s hard not being able to move for such an amount of time. These tips and tricks will keep you entertained, and the time will fly by until you get to your next exit. You will never be bored again and with LA Insurance, we’ve got you covered.

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