August 24, 2022

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Best Fall Destinations

During this time of year, it’s not that easy to take a week off and go for a long vacation. LA Insurance knows that the solution to this problem is a short road trip! There are so many different, beautiful, places to see right here in Michigan. The best part is, they are all just a short road trip away. It’s always better to enjoy the journey than just the destination itself.

During autumn in Michigan the leaves start to change colors, the trees get more beautiful, and the world starts to quiet down in peaceful bliss. There are many different roads to take when thinking about scenic drives. The first one that comes to mind is US-31. This road goes up the west coast of Michigan and ends at Silver Lake State Park on a beautiful beach. The color of the fall leaves and the scenery of the beach will surely be worth the drive. There are also so many things to do with the family on the way up there. Wineries, museums, and other activities are all on the way up to Silver Lake so anyone will be able to enjoy the journey AND the destination.

Another amazing journey one should take in the fall time is M-119. This famous tunnel of trees road leads to Traverse City where there are many things to do and see. On this journey you will find more wineries, sand dunes, and beautiful beaches that have the best views. If you do decide to take this trip, there will be many chances to drink hard cider and aged fine wine. Michigan wineries are incomparable to anything else in the Midwest. Don’t miss your chance to see the beautiful foliage and taste the wine in Traverse City.

The third road trip route we recommend is the Red Arrow Highway. The Red Arrow Highway is a 90 mile route along I-94 and Route 12. This trip leads to Harbor Country, Michigan which is known for its white sand beaches and fall foliage. On this fun road trip, you can find more sand dunes, state parks, galleries and of course, more wineries. The most popular winery in this area is Tabor Hill. The best part of this destination is that it is very affordable. A lot of the accommodations there cost less than $200.

If you are looking to take a short road trip to somewhere close by then these are just a few of the many options. Michigan is a beautiful state filled with trees. During the fall time is when the trees explode with colors. Don’t miss out on the beautiful scenery that this state has to offer and take a short road trip to enjoy the beauty. LA Insurance wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to take a much-needed break. Cut yourself a break on your auto insurance too with LA Insurance. LA Insurance is now offering insurance starting at $99 down for same day insurance.

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