Best Halloween Snacks

October 31, 2022

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Best Halloween Snacks 2022

Charcuterie boards are really popular right now at home, parties, dates, and any other events or just a regular day. Everyone looks forward to a good charcuterie board when there is an event coming up. During the spooky season we have found a few recipes that will take your spooky board to the next level. They are so spooky and delicious at the same time.

The first spooky snack to add to your Halloween charcuterie board are bat tortillas. Make these delicious bat shaped tortilla chips easily just using cooking spray oil, tortillas, a bat shaped cookie cutter and some chili powder for color. Shape the tortillas using the bat shaped cookie cutter then spray them with cooking oil spray. Then just sprinkle some chili powder for color and pop them into the oven until they reach your desired crispiness. Take this a step further by getting other Halloween shaped cookie cutters and using them to cut out cheese and meats in the form of Halloween characters.

The next recipe is an oldie but a goodie… actually maybe not so good when they’re considered deviled eggs. Pumpkin shaped deviled eggs are a great snack to add some pizazz to your next Halloween party. For this yummy snack you can use any deviled egg recipe that you know and just add orange food coloring while mixing your ingredients. Once your deviled pumpkin eggs are ready to serve make sure to add a small chive pumpkin stem to complete the pumpkin deviled eggs. If you don’t like pumpkins with your eggs, you can also try deviled egg eyeballs. This will use red and green food coloring and be garnished with either a candy eye or a sliced olive.

Another wonderful recipe that will make your table pop are mini spider pizzas. The easiest recipe by far because all you really need is pizza bagels and pitted black olives. Thaw the pizza bagels and then cut the olives into spider pieces and bake them per the instructions on the box. This snack is sure to be a crowd please since everyone loves pizza and it’s super easy to make.  If you want to make them into pizza eyeballs just slice the olive into an eye shape and add some extra marinara on the cheese for veins.

There are a lot of other spooky recipes but these few are a great place to start. When you’re hosting your next Halloween party or just want a snack in the month of October, think of these yummy options that are sure to fill you up. The best thing about recipes is that you’re able to mix things up and find what works best for you. LA Insurance would love to help you find what works best for your insurance too. Our recipe is catered to you, and you can start HERE with a free quote.

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