National Ravioli Day!

March 19, 2024

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Celebrating the Delights of the Dough: National Ravioli Day

March 20th marks a day of celebration for pasta lovers everywhere: National Ravioli Day. This day is dedicated to honoring one of Italy's most beloved and versatile culinary creations.

Ravioli, the delicious pasta pillows filled with a variety of ingredients, have a rich history that spans centuries and continents. In this post, we delve into the fascinating origins of ravioli, explore its journey through time, and offer some fun ways to celebrate this delectable dish.

A Journey Through Time: The Origins of Ravioli

The exact origins of ravioli are shrouded in mystery, with various cultures claiming to have invented this stuffed pasta. However, the consensus among food historians is that ravioli first graced tables in Italy during the Middle Ages. The earliest known reference to ravioli appears in the writings of Francesco di Marco, a merchant of Venice in the 14th century. Yet, it's believed that the concept of stuffing pasta predates this by several centuries, possibly inspired by the Chinese dumplings brought back to Europe by Marco Polo.

Originally, ravioli were a peasant food, designed to stretch expensive ingredients like meat and cheese by encasing them in dough made from flour and water. Over time, as ravioli made their way into the kitchens of the wealthy, the fillings became more elaborate, including various meats, cheeses, and even sweet fillings for special occasions.

Ravioli Around the World

While ravioli have their roots in Italian cuisine, similar dishes can be found in many cultures around the world. From the pierogi in Eastern Europe to the dumplings of Asia, the concept of a filled pasta is a global phenomenon. Each culture brings its unique flavors and fillings to the table, making ravioli a truly universal dish.

Celebrating National Ravioli Day

National Ravioli Day is the perfect opportunity to explore the rich diversity of ravioli fillings and preparations. Here are a few ways to celebrate this delicious holiday:

  • Cooking Class: Join a cooking class to learn how to make homemade ravioli. Many local culinary schools and restaurants offer classes that teach the art of making perfect pasta dough and delicious fillings.
  • Ravioli Tasting Party: Host a ravioli tasting party with friends and family. Ask guests to bring a dish of ravioli with different fillings and sauces. This is a great way to taste a variety of flavors and enjoy the company of fellow pasta lovers.
  • Explore Regional Varieties: Use National Ravioli Day as an excuse to explore the regional varieties of ravioli within Italy. From the ricotta and spinach-filled ravioli of Florence to the pumpkin-filled ravioli of Lombardy, there's a wide range of flavors to discover.

A Dish That Captures Imagination

Ravioli's true beauty lies in its simplicity and versatility. With an endless array of possible fillings and sauces, ravioli can be adapted to suit any taste or occasion. Whether you prefer the classic ricotta and spinach combination or adventurous fillings like lobster and truffle, there's a ravioli out there for everyone.

As we celebrate National Ravioli Day, let's take a moment to appreciate the humble beginnings of this beloved dish and the countless ways it has been reinvented over the years. Whether you're dining out at your favorite Italian restaurant or making homemade ravioli from scratch, March 20th is the day to indulge in the delightful world of ravioli.

So, grab your fork (and maybe a rolling pin), and let's celebrate the incredible journey of ravioli from humble beginnings to a staple of Italian cuisine and a favorite around the world. Buon Appetito!



Ravioli FAQ

Q. What are large ravioli called?
A. Large ravioli are called ravioloni.

Q. What are small ravioli called?
A. Small ravioli are called ravioletti.

Q. Are ravioli always square?
A. No, but most cookies prepare them that way. Ravioli can also be round.

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