September 7, 2022

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DIY Fall Activities

Fall is the best time of the year! The leaves start changing colors, the air gets crisp, and everyone starts decorating. If you have young children, this time of the year is the best for homemade crafts. Do it yourself (DIY) activities are so much fun. Giving kids the tools to be more creative, positively impacts their development. There are so many different crafts to teach the kids during this season that we have researched a few fun DIY activities to get you started. These activities can be done by children, adults, or anyone who wants to decorate their home.

The first activity for the kids that we learned about is making pinecone hedgehogs. These pinecone hedgehogs are so easy to make. The materials needed to make these cute little hedgehogs can be found in your home or at any craft store. You will need pinecones, scissors, googly eyes, felt, and a low melt glue gun or super glue. From there you can cut out little rounded triangles to make the base for the face of the hedgehog. The next step is to cut out little circles for the nose and glue it on one corner of the felt triangle. Glue the googly eyes to the felt and then glue that piece to the end of the pinecone. The pinecone will look like the body of the hedgehog and can be displayed anywhere.

Another activity that we read about was a DIY apple picking bag. Customizing an apple bag will make apple picking that much more fun. The materials required for this activity are a canvas tote bag, apples, sharp knife, one thick paint brush, one thin paint brush, a disposable plate, and fabric paint. First step is to set up and put some newspaper down and put the paint on the disposable plate. Next, cut the apple in half and use the thick paintbrush to paint the inner half and then stamp it on the newspaper to test it. Adjust the apple stamp as needed with the paint brush. Once you like the result on the newspaper, start stamping the apple on the canvas tote bag in the design you want, using the colors you like. Once the apples are stamped to your liking use the thin brush to paint stems on the apples. Let it dry completely overnight. The next day it will be ready to use at the apple orchard!

Regular pumpkin carving is very messy and requires a lot of cleanups during and afterwards. Faux pumpkin emojis are the answer to this messy problem. This craft is super simple and safer for kids than trying to cut a face into a real pumpkin with a real knife. The materials needed for this fun craft are cardboard paper, scissors, marker, glue, yellow spray paint, and fake pumpkins. The first step is to cut out multiple emoji inspired features (eyes, mouth, and other details) and then paint the fake pumpkins yellow, making sure to cover the stem. When you and the kids are ready to express your emoji, use the adhesive magnets to stick eyes, a mouth, and other features onto the pumpkin. These cute emoji pumpkins can be displayed on the front porch or the kids’ rooms.

These activities only scratch the surface of DIY fall activities for kids. There are so many other great crafts and activities to do with the family or for yourself. Finding something to do when the weather gets colder can be difficult sometimes. With these DIY activities and the multiple other activities out there, boredom won’t be a problem. LA Insurance has been around for over 25 years and has helped a multitude of people find insurance that works for them. Do it yourself and make sure you have the right coverage for yourself with LA Insurance.

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