December 20, 2023

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Driving In Snow

If you live in Michigan, you already know what it’s like to drive through snowy winter roads. Everyone at one point or another has felt their car slip from under them if you’ve driven through ice and snow before. Sometimes it can be scary but knowing what to do when your car slips from under you is important when in these conditions. L.A. Insurance has a few tips for you to keep you and your family safe this winter on the road.

First place to start would be to make sure what you already have works! You can do this by checking your tires at least once a month. Making sure to check them when they’re cold means checking them when they have not been driven on for at least 3 hours. Check for any scrapes, punctures, cracks, or bumps on the tire. The tread of the tire needs to be 2/32 of an inch or more on all tires. If there are any issues with the tires, make sure that you fix the issue or change the tire if needed.

Driving in snow can be so easy when you know what to do. First rule of driving in snow and ice is to drive slowly and smoothly. Always make sure to keep your speed down and watch out for hazards. Doing this will reduce the chances of the wheels slipping. You must always be careful when steering on a turn or curve because the car can easily fishtail if you’re turning on ice and make sure to steer in the intended direction. If the car starts to skid, just steer gently into it. Driving on packed snow is better than driving on previous wheel markings. If you need to turn on your headlights or fog lights, do it! Once you can see again then you can turn them back off. Visibility is important because even if you’re being safe, others might not see you coming.

There is a Safety Feature called anti-lock brake system. The Anti-lock brake system (or ABS) is the way to go when all else fails. Most cars right now have these anti-lock brake systems that use an onboard computer to optimize braking in extreme conditions. Cars ABS has saved many people from getting really injured. When you are in an emergency in ice and snow, you need to not only press on the brakes but also make sure to STEER!! The ABS will make the car feel like it’s shuddering, just make sure not to take your foot off the brake and always steer in the way you want to go, unless you’re spinning out.

These are just a few of the ways that we have researched to drive safely in ice and snow. Planning ahead and having the right care package in your car for emergencies is really important as well. If you’d like to know what to put in your emergency car kit L.A. Insurance has some tips for you here! We suggest driving safely and slowly when it’s snowing out and before the snow starts falling, get yourself a set of snow tires! If you just got a new car or need insurance on your current vehicle, L.A. Insurance is here to help! Drive safely out there in the snow and ice with L.A. Insurance.

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