February 15, 2023

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History Of Michigan Auto Industry

Michigan is known for one special thing, and that is the auto industry. Detroit is called the motor city for a reason! Anyone who lives in Michigan knows how serious the residents take their cars and the auto industry. The auto industry in Michigan provides so many jobs for the people and a long history to go behind it too. It’s not always perfect because there is a high rate of poverty and sometimes a lack of jobs but at one point, Detroit was one of the most successful cities in the U.S.

The first big event to happen for Detroit was the first test drive. In 1896 on June 4th, Henry Ford test drove his first automobile, The Quadricycle, on the streets of Detroit. Sadly, Ford only lasted 3 years with the Detroit Automobile Company only producing 2 cars before the company failed. However, Henry Ford did not quit right then but rather opened up a second car company in 1901 that eventually became the Cadillac Motor Company. Then in 1903 started the Ford Motor Company working with John and Horace Dodge, who were brothers. Do these names sound familiar to you now? All of the big American Car brands started with these men.

Ford was not the only one with a big name that started in Michigan. Chrysler, General Motors, and Buick also had a hand in making Michigan the home of the Motor City. General Motors was founded by William Durant and Charles Mott as a holding company in Flint for Buick in 1908. 17 years later, Chrysler was started in Detroit by Walter Chrysler in 1925 and is no longer headquartered in Detroit, but Auburn Hills now. Now, GM is the only major auto company that is still headquartered in Detroit. The automotive industry is what gave Michigan it’s reputation and nickname Motor City and Motown!

In 1913, Ford created the first modern-day, moving assembly line. This assembly line really came in handy a few years later. All of the motor companies that were in Michigan had a really big role to play in 1917, once there was a war happening. Packard, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Ford at this time began production on The Liberty Motor. This was a new and powerful airplane engine that was designed to be faster than other engines and more lightweight and funded by the Federal Government. This engine was America’s most celebrated industrial innovation. Ford and Packard made a lot of money off of this innovation and used that to train their engineers further.

The history of Michigan is a long one with a lot of ups and downs. The main part is that Michigan always recovers. The Motor City is innovative, enduring, everchanging, and adaptable and so are its people. Michigan Day is January 18th and knowing a little about the automotive history is a great way to celebrate. Another great way to celebrate would be to get a Free Quote with L.A. Insurance. L.A. Insurance has been around for over 30 years.

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