New Year New Luck

December 30, 2022

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New Year New Luck

There is so much excitement when it comes to the New Year. So many different traditions revolve around luck and how to have the most of it for the new year. The traditions that each country has differs from place to place. Some have to do with food, some are random actions, hiding things under pillows and in food, and wearing certain colors. If you think you need a little more luck for the coming New Year, then this list is sure to add to your luck for the year.

  • Bang Bread on the wall,
  • Breaking dishes,
  • Choose your first guest wisely,
  • Eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds at midnight,
  • Eat 12 round fruits,
  • Eat long noodles,
  • Eating lentils,
  • Hanging onions on the door,
  • Keeping the windows and doors open,
  • Make a dish with fish,
  • Marzipan pigs,
  • Ring a bell 108 times,
  • Run around with an empty suitcase,
  • Smash pomegranates,
  • Take a shower to wash away bad luck,
  • Throw water out of a window,
  • Watch the ball drop,
  • Wear white

All of these great traditions come from a multitude of different places. These places include:

  • Austria,
  • Brazil,
  • Burma,
  • Colombia,
  • Denmark,
  • Germany,
  • Greece,
  • Ireland,
  • Italy,
  • Japan,
  • Philippines,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Scotland,
  • Spain,
  • Turkey,
  • And The USA

Your luck really is not based on any of these things but on the positive attitude that you feel when doing these things! A positive attitude is the most important thing when going into a new year. Start your year off however you like! What matters most is that you are protected whether you have a lucky year or not! With L.A. Insurance let your new year’s resolution be, to have insurance that covers anyone driving anything. That would be L.A. Insurance auto! Start off your new year’s right with L.A. Insurance.

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