December 6, 2023

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Riding snowmobiles is so much fun. The wind and snow flying around the tracks creating a glow behind the rider. Snowmobiling is the jet skiing of winter! As much fun as snowmobiling is, it also comes with some risks. When out in the cold and snow it’s really important to know some safety tips to prevent emergencies. L.A. Insurance will help you figure out what to wear snowmobiling, how to stay warm snowmobiling, and snowmobiling safety tips.

Before you even get onto the snowmobile you have to pick out the right clothes. Since the best time to go snowmobiling is when it’s really cold and snowy outside, it’s really important that you dress warm. Knowing what to wear snowmobiling is a great way to start off the fun! The number one thing you should NOT wear when snowmobiling is COTTON. DO NOT WEAR COTTON when snowmobiling because it absorbs moisture. Wearing fabrics like polyester, silk or other mixed fabrics is highly recommended because they wick away moisture. The most recommended clothes for snowmobiling are clothes that retain heat and do not absorb moisture.

Once you know what type of clothes you need for snowmobiling, you can start the process of putting the outfit together! Layering in the winter is the best option to stay warm and ride comfortably. Starting with a waterproof underlayer, then a synthetic fabric layer and a waterproof jacket on top. It’s best to wear 3-5 layers at least. On top of all of your layers there should be a snowmobile suit, as well as water and wind proof gloves and mask to cover the neck. As humans our feet are really sensitive to the cold, so wearing warm sock layers and waterproof boots will help fight the cold so you can have fun. The most important thing to wear when snowmobiling is the helmet. It will protect you from any injuries and also has a sun shield to protect your eyes while riding.

Besides dressing for the weather and winter activities, there are a few other ways to stay warm when snowmobiling. The first way is through your stomach and what you eat or drink! Eating whole grains and complex carbs helps to increase your metabolism, which means you will also increase your body heat. Coffee also has the same effect on your body as complex carbs and in turn also increase your body temperature. Drinking a lot of water is also important too because it will help your body regulate its own temperature.

Before you can start riding a snowmobile in the state of Michigan, you need to take a snowmobile safety course and pass it. Anyone who is 12-16 years old is required to take this snowmobile safety course and obtain a certificate. The course however is recommended for everyone. Another great safety tip is to keep your machine in good condition. Make sure to check your snowmobile is working properly with a checklist you can find in your owner’s manual. Never go snowmobiling alone! It definitely won’t be as fun, and it won’t be as safe either. Make a game plan and let your friends and family know where you’ll be and when you’ll be back, so you don’t get lost in the snow. Watch out for darkness and try your best to ride slow and DO NOT cross lakes or rivers.

There is so much fun to having a snowmobile in the wintertime. Especially here in Michigan where winter likes to linger. Always remember to dress warm, stay warm, and ride safe when you’re out on the snow and ice. L.A. Insurance hopes to keep you safe and keep you covered with our snowmobile insurance. You can get a FREE QUOTE on snowmobile insurance today!

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