November 20, 2023

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What to do After a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident can be really scary and shocking sometimes. It’s hard to know what to do next when you’re still in shock. L.A. Insurance has put together a few tips for what to do when in a car accident. Every state has different laws and regulations, we will be focusing on the state of Michigan. The number of fatal car accidents in Michigan has been slowly increasing year by year. Knowing what to do in this scary situation could really help you out when you find yourself in an emergency one day.

The first thing to understand about car accidents in Michigan is that Michigan is a No-Fault state. A no-fault state means that if you have No-Fault insurance and the other driver does not have insurance, you are still entitled to No-Fault benefits, regardless of who was at fault. Just because you have No-Fault insurance doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything in order to use it. After an accident where the other driver does not have insurance, in Michigan, you need to submit an application to cover your medical costs , replacement services and other care benefits. If you do not file this application within one year of the accident, there are no exceptions. It’s so important to take advantage of the benefits you are already paying for with your insurance, especially when there has been an emergency. Read all of your policy benefits to stay updated on any changes.

The first tip is to always pull over right away after a car accident or car crash. Get to a safe place where you can call the police and take a look at your car. It’s always a good idea to try to stay calm and use your emergency lights if you cannot park the car in a safe place. If you cannot park the car in a safe place and your emergency lights are on, make sure to walk to the nearest sidewalk for safety to make necessary calls. Do not leave children, animals, or other passengers in the car alone after a car accident. Check on everyone and make sure to stay with them until paramedics arrive on the scene. This goes for elderly passengers, children, and pets. If the children are young enough to be in car seats, don’t take them out or move them until paramedics come to check it out.

The most important thing to always remember is to get as much information as you possibly can. Take a lot of photos from different angles and try to scale the photos by showing a coin or regular object next to the scratch you want to display. Make sure to get the other drivers license plate, insurance documents and a police report if necessary. Get the other drivers license number, type of car including color and model, location of the accident and the most important is the name and contact information. So many people suffer from hit and run accidents so when there’s another driver in a car accident make sure to get their information. If you end up unfortunately injured from a car crash or car accident, then you should also absolutely take photos of your injuries and any injuries caused to passengers.

These are just a few important steps to take when you’re dealing with a car accident. The number one thing to remember is that you need to stay calm! Everything will be okay as long as you have insurance. If you do not have insurance yet and are looking for a free quote, L.A. Insurance has got you covered. No matter who you are and no matter what you’re driving L.A. Insurance can help you get the coverage you need.

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