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Automotive Coverage Options

We offer a variety of coverage options to meet your personal auto insurance needs. Your coverage can include the most basic state-minimum liability or it can include all the physical damage coverage you could ever need. Whatever the need, we have the right policy for you.

Uninsured & Under-insured Motorist Coverage

Protects you when a negligent driver has no insurance or insufficient insurance (in most states, this covers only bodily injury losses — though some states also include property damage losses).

Bodily Injury Liability

Legal Liability Coverage for causing physical injury or death to another person.

Property Damage Liability

Coverage that pays for your monetary loss if you are found liable for damages to a third party.

Collision Coverage

Covers losses to your car when you are involved in a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers damages to your car caused by something other than collision, such as animal, fire, theft, vandalism, hail, or flood.

Medical Payments Damage

To the policy owner and other passengers in the policy owner’s car.

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