November 2, 2022

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Best Mocktails 2022

There are so many options when it comes to drinks. There are alcoholic drinks and drinks without any alcohol. When it comes to driving, the best and most responsible option is to drink a nonalcoholic drink. There are so many delicious and different drinks to try out when you have to be the designated driver! There are options like tea, lemonade, tonics, ails, smoothies, juices, and many other options. LA Insurance has found some yummy and wonderful recipes for mocktails next time you get stuck being the designated driver or even just on a hot day.

One of the easy drinks to make is a mango mule! This recipe comes from Town and Country Magazine and it’s a great refresher for hot days. You will need slices of cucumber, honey, mango puree, lime juice, ginger beer and, of course, ice. Muddle the cucumber and honey syrup in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and then add the mango puree and lime juice. Shake this mixture with ice and then top it off with ginger beer and stir. Take a sip and you’ll be refreshed for the day without a hangover the next day. The best part is, you can drink as much as you want without the side effects of alcohol!

Another great recipe for a non-alcoholic drink is a virgin watermelon margarita, also from Town and Country Magazine. What you will need for this recipe are chunks of seedless watermelon, fresh lime juice, agave, and sparkling water. First put the watermelon chunks in a blender make a sort of puree and then add the fresh lime juice and agave and blend again. Pour into a cup and top it off with sparkling water and you’re ready to enjoy your watermelon fakerita.

Marie Claire has a recipe for a virgin cranberry mint mojito. The ingredients to make this no-jito are cranberries, mint leaves, lime, simple syrup, cranberry juice, soda water, and of course ice. Muddle the fresh mint leaves with lime and fresh cranberries then add in the simple syrup with cranberry juice and ice. Fill the rest of the glass with soda water and stir it together. This recipe is the easiest and most tart drink on those days you’re looking for something sour.

All of these recipes are so delicious and refreshing for anyone who wants something to sip on. There are so many other great recipes on the Town and Country Magazine website and the Marie Claire website. The recipes linked here are non-alcoholic beverage recipes for anyone that wants to enjoy social drinking without actually drinking. These types of beverages are also great for family parties where children can try them too! Let the kids feel included and be responsible by trying some of these recipes next time you’re out and about or next time you’re with the family. If you or someone you know doesn’t have the best driving record, LA Insurance can help! Just visit us here to see what we can do for you.

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