Emergency Car Kits

March 9, 2022

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Emergency Car Kits

Part of emergencies is that it’s never known how or when they will happen. Emergencies can be easily with preparation and planning ahead. Putting together an emergency kit is a great way to be prepared and plan ahead. Knowing where one is going and what might be needed helps one to face any emergency that might happen. Making a list of things that one might need is the first step to being prepared to face any emergency.

Car Emergency Kit:

  • Jumper cables
  • Spare tire
  • Flares or reflective triangles
  • Ice scraper
  • Snow brush
  • Car cell phone charger
  • Map of local area
  • Flashlight
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Duct tape
  • Small car jack
  • Tool kit
  • Cat litter or sand (to get out of snow)

This list is just a simple suggestion of things one should have in their car, in case of an emergency. There are a few more things that one would need in an emergency situation for themselve

s, not just for car maintenance. Not only can things go wrong in the car but sometimes people get hurt and need to be taken care of right away.

Personal Emergency Kit:

  • Any medications you’re taking
  • Gauze
  • Band aids/ bandages
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • First aid kit
  • Tweezers
  • Drinking water
  • Umbrella/ rain poncho
  • Blanket
  • Warm change of clothes
  • Non-perishable foods

There are other ways of being prepared and planning ahead, besides making an emergency car kit. Making sure that any kids or pets involved also have the necessary items they need is important too. Two more steps to keep in mind when planning for emergencies, or going on a long road trip, are checking the weather before heading out and making sure the car is in good condition. You can check the condition of the car before you leave by having a full gas tank, checking for leaks, checking the oil and antifreeze levels, and checking your tires and brakes. 

Finally, avoiding fallen powerlines and flood areas higher than 5 inches are two more vital ways to avoid accidents while driving. If for any reason an emergency arises after all this careful planning and preparing, check LA Insurance for a free quote.

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