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February 22, 2022

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Secretary of State Services

The Secretary of State offices (SoS) in Michigan have a lot of services to offer the public. They can help you in more ways than you think. If you’re stuck with a problem about licenses, vehicles, or anything of the sorts, the Secretary of State offices can help! There are over 30 different services offered by the SoS. If going in person is not an option, they also have online services and self-serve stations at some of the offices.

In Michigan, next to every Secretary of State office there is an LA Insurance office next to it. It has never been more convenient to get insurance. At the Secretary of State, there are services that can help people get their licenses reinstated or renewed, checking driving records, and many other services. If you have lost your license for any reason, LA Insurance has got you covered. The first step is to get your license reinstated at the Secretary of State and the second step is to go next door to an LA Insurance agency and get your free quote.

During the pandemic in 2020, a lot of SOS offices completely shut down. Then in July of 2021 the hours were extended to help residents get appointments, but those appointments were still out months in advance ( Most services can be taken care of online or at self-service stations to decrease the amount of foot traffic within the offices themselves. LA Insurance helps everyone, regardless of driving record, dui, tickets, or any other driving issues one might have.

In Michigan the SOS offers a new service called “road to restoration” meaning that if there are any issues with your license or driving record, it’s fixable. Making the best of this new program that the state offers means completing the necessary tasks to get the best results. LA Insurance has got you covered when you are ready! We have helped many people out when it comes to getting insurance during certain circumstances.  L.A. Insurance offers affordable insurance solutions to help you save money so it’s available for when you really need it. Get started on a free quote on a policy customized to your specific situation by clicking (here).

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