May 11, 2022

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It is really difficult to find a good job right now, let alone a career. Working in insurance can be a great career for anyone who is looking for a stable income and an even better atmosphere. Finding those features in one place is a hardship that many people face. Luckily, LA Insurance can provide employees the atmosphere and the benefits that they need to flourish in the industry. But first, there is a process that needs to be followed to get there. This process includes 5 simple steps to getting an insurance license in the state of Michigan. At LA Insurance you only need to be licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance. A license in life and health insurance is not necessary, as LA Insurance sells Auto Insurance, Boat Insurance, RV Insurance and Renter’s Insurance.

Steps to become a licensed insurance agent:

  1. Michigan insurance pre-license education course
  2. Michigan insurance license exam
    • Exam costs $41 USD
    • 150 questions long
    • 150 minutes to complete the exam
    • Minimum passing score is 74%
  3. Michigan insurance license application
    • Application will be accepted or denied within 14 days of the submission
  4. Application review
    • Background checks and fingerprints taken before license is issued
  5. Apply to LA Insurance!


Once you get your license and a wonderful new career with LA Insurance, there are some things you must do to keep your license. This includes continuing credits and renewing certain licenses if you got more than one. 24 credit hours are required every two years and are expected to be completed 30 days before the expiration of the license. There is no fee to pay when you renew the license as long as you are meeting the requirements. Gaining and maintaining your insurance license is so easy! LA Insurance is always looking for great agents to come work with us.

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