April 12, 2023

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Driving At Night

It has been getting darker earlier lately. This might be nice for the night owls, but not for all drivers. During the wintertime, the days are shorter and it’s always cold (depending on where you’re living). When it gets darker earlier, sometimes, it’s hard to navigate where you need to go. Especially for people with vision issues or seniors, it can be really hard to drive at night. There are a few ways to drive easier and safer if you have any issues driving at night.

There are so many different risks that people take when they decide to drive at night. The visibility of the road at night when it’s dark is about 500 feet with high beams on and 250 feet with regular head lights on and gets even more dangerous when one is speeding. There are a few ways to hack driving in the dark. The first would be by dimming your dashboard if possible. Dimming your dashboard will reduce the amount of light coming from the inside of your car and make the road clearer to see. always make sure that the windshield is clean so that there are no streaks that cause blurry light when you’re driving.

Driving the speed limit is another really important way that you can stay safe while driving at night. If you have vision problems, it’s really important to get your prescription checked out and updated every year. Asking for anti-reflective glasses is also a good idea to help reduce the glare of nighttime lights. If you have symptoms like blurry vision, eye strain, headaches, poor night vision and squinting then you might have an astigmatism. This issue is one that can get worse with age so it’s good to get it taken care of early rather than later. A lot of senior drivers have issues with their eyes as they age.

Other issues that affect driving at night are myopia, cataracts, macular degeneration, arthritis, and glaucoma which are all medical conditions affecting mostly senior drivers. The severity of these conditions is a factor in whether you should try to keep driving or just avoid driving at night ( or at all in some cases). If you’re worried about not being able to drive due to a medical condition, please contact your doctor and see what they can do to help. There are so many different ways that you can adapt your vehicle to your needs when necessary. To remain safe on the road, you can adjust your driving habits to stay safe on the road if you’ve noticed changes in your vision, physical fitness and reaction time. There are many other things that you can do as a senior driver to drive safer at night.

There are a few general key steps to take in order to drive safer. One option is to drive during the daytime and not when it’s getting dark. Another option is to drive when conditions are the safest, usually during the daytime when it’s not rush hour traffic (4pm-7pm) and when the weather is good. The most obvious step to take to be a safer driver is to never drink and drive. Drinking and driving increases the risk of being in a car crash and your reaction times are way slower when you have alcohol in your system. Senior drivers and drivers with vision issues should really be wary of driving at night and make sure to take care of yourselves! L.A. Insurance can take care of you too with a Free Quote!

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