Halloween Safety Tips

September 28, 2022

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is the holiday that all kids look forward to. Dressing up in their costumes as their favorite characters and getting to eat all the candy they desire. Kids love Halloween and love to run around all excited too. Although Halloween is a great holiday that kids love, it still is a holiday where things could go wrong. LA Insurance has put together some tips and tricks to keep the kids safe during your trick or treating this year and we’d like to share them with you!

The number one rule of Halloween for parents is to make sure that your kids are VISIBLE! Carrying glow sticks, flashlights, putting reflective stickers on the back of costumes and wearing lighter colors are all great ways of keeping the kids visible. When other cars, or people see the kids they will know to be extra careful driving since they’ll be easier to spot from afar. This is the first and most important tip for children’s safety on Halloween because being visible means being safe. Drivers are more likely to slow down when they see kids walking around on Halloween, so being visible to drivers is crucial to their safety.

The kids will get really excited and hyped up on sugar, so one good tip is to always keep an eye on them. Kids like to dart around and run, but we suggest making sure you all slow down, and turn your headlights on early in the day to easily spot kids from further away. Older kids know that they need to check both sides of the street before crossing and that crossing at crosswalks or corners is safer. Any kids under the age of 12 need to be with an adult for trick or treating. Making sure that the kids costumes fit them so they don’t trip and have full range of motion is also a must. Using face paint instead of a mask is also helpful because then they can see better, and their vision is not limited.

Some other great tips to keep the kids safe is to buy costumes that are “flame-retardant” which means they wont burn. Putting a nametag with your name and phone number on it on the back of their costume with a reflective sticker is a good tip too. If the kids get lost or separated it will be super easy to find them, and for them to find you too. Teaching the kids to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency is important as well and gives them a sort of responsibility. Making sure that kids old or younger stay in their respective groups and don’t leave each other is another tip. Kids who split up are more likely to get hurt or lost and we really want to avoid that.

With all this stuff to think about during trick or treating, some parents forget the post- trick or treating check list. Parents need to make sure that they are checking their children’s candy when they get home, making sure that all candies are sealed. Any candy that is not sealed should be thrown out for safety. Wash off all makeup or face paint and keep track of the candy the kids bring into the house. LA Insurance wants to make sure that you and your kids can have a great holiday by staying safe. If you are looking for other ways to stay protected, check out our Lowest Down Payment for same day coverage.

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