Holiday Shopping!

September 1, 2022

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Holiday Shopping!

Holiday shopping is so stressful for people. The recent inflation within the economy does not make it any easier to start shopping for the holidays. There are still so many deals on the internet and in stores and the best non holiday is coming up, black Friday! LA Insurance wants everyone to be able to get in on these deals with a little bit of holiday shopping hacks! These hacks are a sure way to help anyone looking for a good deal during the upcoming holidays.

The first hack that we recommend is to make a new favorites tab folder in your computer when shopping online. Save the item links that you want to buy into the folder and then check back on them to see if there are any deals starting in mid-November. Try to set notifications on your phone or laptop for the days that your favorite stores have deals so that you can be one of the first few people there and set aside time for yourself to get the shopping done. Online shopping is really the easiest and fastest way to purchase something if you’re short on time because you can easily do it from your phone or laptop. Also, when you shop online and finally plan on buying the item(s), make sure to go into incognito mode on the browser so that the website doesn’t markup. Make sure to check the days that the online deals are going on and always shop from stores or websites that offer free shipping.

The 2022 deals will most likely follow the trends of 2021 and the black Friday deals will start as early as October. Since there was supply chain issues in 2021, the shoppers will be out early to get their things on time. In 2021 retailers hosted multiple pre-black Friday sales that started in October and that trend is expected to hold strong. The main advice LA has on this one, is just to watch the actual prices. Don’t get fooled by flashy deals, check the real prices, and make your decisions off of that! Keep your eyes peeled for thanksgiving day deals. Most of the time, black Friday deals start the night of thanksgiving so getting online or going into stores after dinner is another great shot at some good deals.

When actually going shopping on Black Friday, make sure to check store times for that day and make a list of the places that you want to shop at. Calling ahead to make sure they have what you want to buy is also a great way to avoid the hours spent looking for something in a sea of people. If you’re looking to buy clothes during Black Friday, it’s a great idea to buy whatever size they have at the moment. You can always go back and exchange it for the size you really want. By doing this, you get the item for the price that you want and avoid extra time spent in the store looking for your size. Coming back when it’s over and exchanging for your size is a real-life hack to save you time and effort.

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you through holiday shopping. We know how difficult it can be to find something for everyone in your life, but hopefully with these time saving hacks will help you to figure it out easier. Don’t stress yourself out this holiday season and try to prepare yourself as much as possible. Although you can’t get black Friday deals on insurance, LA Insurance is offering car insurance down payments starting as low as $99 down. If you’d like a quote, please click here!!

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