St. Patty’s Day Snacks

March 17, 2023

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St. Patty’s Day Snacks

March is the season for green snacks!! Why? Because in March many people celebrate St. Patty’s day! St. Patty’s day is short for St. Patrick’s day, an Irish Saint’s Holiday. This is celebrated not only by the Irish anymore but by everyone! It’s become one of the biggest party holidays in the calendar with snacks, beer, and pots of gold. March 17th is St. Patrick’s day and it’s on the same day every year.

The best part about small holidays like this are the festive food and snacks that you can make! We have put a list together of the cutest snacks for St. Patrick’s day. The one thing we recommend is to make sure you chose one of these green recipes, so you don’t get pinched. Appetizers are where to start always! They’re usually simple and easy to make and we found some very festive recipes.

The easiest “recipe” is to put a veggie tray together. This veggie tray should include all green vegetables! Cucumbers, snap peas, celery, green peppers, and broccoli! A really good dip to go with this veggie tray would be Green Goddess HummusAvocado Ranch Dip or Greek Goddess Dip. Another fun way that you can make a veggie tray would be by using snap peas, cauliflower, and baby carrots to make an Irish Flag veggie tray.

Another great appetizer besides veggies and dip would be chips and dip! It’s so easy to make your own clover shaped chips with many different cheese dips. First, to make the chips there are so many recipes. You can make rainbow shamrock chipsshamrock clover wonton crackers, and shamrock tortilla chips. What goes better with chips then cheese dip? We would say almost nothing! Besides maybe Salsa and guacamole! There is a recipe for Pot ‘O’ Gold SalsaIrish Pub CheeseCheddar Guinness DipGuinness Beer Cheese DipGuacamole Bruschetta and Catherine’s Guacamole.

Another appetizer staple are deviled eggs! St. Patrick’s day wouldn’t be the same without these colorful deviled eggs. Dr. Seuss wasn’t talking about St. Patty’s day when he wrote about green eggs and ham, but they sure sound delicious with these recipes. These recipes for deviled eggs are St. Patrick’s Day Deviled EggsGreen Deviled Eggs, and Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Deviled Eggs.

Sliders are another great appetizer for any occasion, not just a fun holiday like this one. You can make these sliders in any way that you or your guests like them but here are the recipes that we found, are the easiest to make. There are regular Irish SlidersCheesy Guinness Beef SlidersSt. Paddy’s Reuben Sliders and Antipasto Sliders (switch out the red peppers for orange peppers for more festivity).

St. Patrick’s day food is not only great for dinner before drinking, but it’s also a great cure for hangovers the next day! Ireland is known for it’s Irish Stew and Boxty Pancakes that always help to cure a bad hangover. This recipe for a traditional Irish Boxty is a great morning ritual after a long night of drinking. Boxty are traditional Irish potato pancakes that are savory and delicious. Irish Stew is a staple of Irish culture because it was able to feed the whole family in times of need! L.A. Insurance can bring you comfort and safety with our policies as well. Get the cheapest car insurance free quote with us right now!

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