April Fool’s

March 29, 2023

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April Fool’s

For generations, pranking has been part of our culture and April Fool’s Day has gotten many people to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and April fool’s day brings out the trickster in some people. Over generations there have been so many pranks pulled on April Fool’s Day that were legendary. L.A. Insurance wants to make sure that you can steer clear of being pranked and give you some good ideas on how to prank your loved ones this year! We’ve got you covered with the cheapest rates on car insurance and ways to get ahead on April Fool’s Day.

There have been many historical April Fool’s jokes that have been played on the public over the many years that this tradition has been alive. Some of these pranks were really funny and others lead to riots! according to Newsweek in London in 1749, the newspapers were advertising an upcoming show where a man squeezes into a bottle. The show was sold out and when everyone got there, there was no one to entertain the audience and there was no man squeezing into any bottle. Another funny instance was when Taco Bell announced that it had bought the Liberty Bell to help with the U.S. National debt in 1996. One thing that is not a joke, are our cheap rates on car insurance. L.A. Insurance is offering low downpayments starting as low as $99 down, and that’s not a prank!

There are a few easy pranks that you can pull on your friends, family, or coworkers this April Fool’s Day. A great easy April Fools’ prank to pull is to switch the sugar for salt. When they go to put the sugar in their coffee… it won’t be such a sweet surprise! One thing that’s always sweet is L.A. Insurance’s low rates on insurance. With L.A. Insurance you have multiple cheap coverage options. Another funny prank to pull that will get a reaction out of anyone is to put toothpaste to replace the cream in Oreo cookies. This prank is sure to get some screams from your victims! If you want to go the extra cruel mile, you can put a bouillon cube in the faucet so when they go to wash out their mouth from the toothpaste Oreo, they get a grand taste of chicken soup!

A fun and simple April Fools’ day prank is to put tape on the sensor of someone’s mouse. If you’re good with technology, these pranks are easy for you to do! Taking a screenshot of someone’s computer and making it their screensaver will surely confuse them! They will wonder why their computer and mouse aren’t working! If you’re really tech savvy and want to get a quote online, you can click here to get a free insurance quote. L.A. Insurance provides cheap car insurance in Michigan, and nationwide.

April Fool’s Day is once a year. Don’t miss out on all the fun, laughter, and pranks. L.A. Insurance offers helpful April Fool’s Day pranks, multiple coverage options, cheap car insurance, low down payments and no credit checks. We’ve got you covered while you’re covering your pranks. Even if your friends end up cling wrapping your car, you’re covered with L.A. Insurance! The pranks can’t get to you if you get coverage with L.A. Insurance.

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